Author & Photographer

Author Aarene Storms returned to horses as an adult after wasting her teen years becoming educated and employed. In 1999 she rode her first long-distance event on a short and opinionated Standardbred mare called Story. She has been active in the endurance community ever since.

An advocate for junior riders, equestrian trails, and novice endurance horse-and-rider teams, Aarene has written numerous articles for Endurance News and other equestrian publications. Her adventures in the saddle and on the ground are documented with tongue firmly-in-cheek at the Haiku Farm blog.

Aarene now rides in the Pacific Northwest region on a tall and opinionated Standardbred mare called Fiddle.

She is available for Endurance 101 mini-clinics and speaking engagements. Please contact her.

Photographer Monica Bretherton has been hoarding endurance pictures for quite some time while riding other people’s horses. Most recently, she has been seen at endurance rides with Magdan (Danny), whom she borrows from Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes. Their adventures are sometimes chronicled in her own blog, hosted at the Seattle PI, Horsebytes. You can reach her via Triangle Ranch Communications.

She also has taken the only known images of Purpaloosas and is the acknowledged worldwide expert on their misbehavior.