Buy the Book! Endurance 101: a gentle guide to the sport of long-distance riding

Endurance 101: a gentle guide to the sport of long-distance riding. 

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We also have the $9.99 e-book for Kindle (.mobi format ) – see page on Downloading and Sideloading. This is better for us than buying direct from Amazon, but if you are a technophobe or just frazzled and in a hurry, you can to purchase directly from Amazon.

Or you can get both versions (.epub and .mobi) burned onto a CD for $11.99

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1) YOU NEED A DESKTOP SYSTEM to download the e-book, even if you are going to put it on an e-reader or mobile device. Our download service does not (yet) have an app for mobile devices. You can certainly read the bookread on a mobile device, you just need to go via your desktop first.

2) DO NOT DOWNLOAD AT WORK if your company has a firewall in place to protect their valuable data – your network will not permit you to download the file.

3) IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN E-READER PROGRAM, download it first (see below for links) to help your computer recognize the file format of the download.

4) If you haven’t bought an ebook from outside the Amazon or Barnes and Noble channels, please read these tips on how to get the file onto your e-reader device via “sideloading” Sideloading 101/ IF you are planning to read on your desktop, see the links to free downloadable readers below.

5) We have selected to deliver the file and handle payment because they are a well-respected service with a track record for security and stablity. E-Junkie uses Paypal, but you can pay with a credit card or debit card without signing up for Paypal account (you will have to click on Paypal to do this, and they will then take your credit card info through their site).

That doesn’t mean we don’t take responsibility for our customers’ experience.  If you are having a problem, please email us (publisher @ ). If we can’t help you resolve it, we will send you a refund.

4) Note that there are two ebook formats offered, .epub – for Nook, Adobe Digital Editions and most desktop-based readers, including iBooks on the iPad; and .mobi – for the Kindle (Amazon’s proprietary format, can also be read by the Kindle Fire). THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Please select the right format for your download.


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If you are wondering why we don’t just sell the book on Amazon, it’s just that horses can do math — at least Hops can.

Hops the Purpaloosa may not be able to count, but he can tell “more” from “less.”

Lets say the book costs ten carrots. If you buy it from us via E-Junkie, Hops gets about eight and a half out of the ten carrots you send, after taxes and fees.

If you buy from Amazon, Hops only gets three and a half carrots and the rest goes to Amazon. Pragmatists (and horses) prefer E-Junkie.

So why even offer the book through Amazon? Ultimately, we want as many people to get involved in the sport of endurance as possible. So even if Hops gets fewer carrots, we know that people will find the book on Amazon who might otherwise not know about it. Some people also prefer travelling a familiar path or are in a hurry to read the book. We even have friends who work for Amazon and use that money to feed THEIR horses. Still, Amazon has not worked nearly as hard on this book as we have, and that’s a pretty big bite they are taking for the privilege of using their distribution platform, and we are not allowed to charge more for the book on their website than we do on ours. So if you are telling your friends about the book, please also tell them to buy via (the buttons will appear on the front page after our “soft launch” phase is over).

Triangle Ranch Communications is a micropublisher based in Seattle, Washington.  What does that mean to you?  It means that every message you send to us is read by a real person, drinking real coffee, in a real (but tiny) office without a view of the Space Needle, because we can’t afford that. 

More math: One book sale via E-Junkie = two lattes at our satellite conference room, Richmond Beach Coffee (not including tip)

No robots or junk email producers are employed by Triangle Ranch —-it’s just real people and a dog in a wheelchair (no foolin’). If you don’t hear back from us instantly, don’t worry: we are probably out riding, and we’ll answer your message as soon as the horses are unsaddled and turned out in the pasture again.

We hope that you enjoy your copy of Endurance 101.  Remember that autographed print versions of the book will be available soon, as well as e-book editions on CD,  and all the editions of the book make excellent gifts for friends, family, crew members and future endurance riders.  If you’d like to be notified when new editions of the book are released, please include that information in your note back to us.

See you on the trails!

Aarene Storms (author), Monica Bretherton (photographer), and all the other folks (including the wheelchair dog) at Triangle Ranch Communications.

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