Readers Review

Riders are reading — and writing about — Endurance 101!


“The book is great, not only full of information for anyone interested in endurance but also good for those interested in any type of distance riding, or even trail riding. The author’s writing style is easy to read and she gives enough accounts of personal ride experiences to make it almost like you’re having a conversation, as opposed to a boring text book style read.

My favorite “tip” involves teaching a horse not to run your knee into trees. I’ve ridden for years and have enough arena training to know not to try to turn a horse that is bowing out around corners by pulling on the inside rein. So I was a little humbled to read Aarene’s tip for keeping a horse from scraping your knees. “Turn his head towards the tree.” Ha! So simple! So counter-intuitive! So similar to what you would do to a horse that is bowing out through corners in the arena- why did I not realize this???

Another thing I really enjoyed in this book, (the actual hard copy book) was the pictures and illustrations. The quality of the photos are excellent and for me they really make the book flow and made me want to see what comes next!” – Wren Loop Thoroughbreds

“Dude. The book is good – like, really good.

I don’t know if it was the plethora of pretty horse pictures, or the readability of writing, or what – but it held my attention like a fiction book, which is saying something.

I have the attention span of a gnat, and I pretty much only read fiction books.

I wish that weren’t true, because at the rate I read books I would be the smartest person alive if I liked non-fiction, but it is what it is.

I love horses, but I don’t usually love horse books – especially non-fiction books…. but I really loved this book. I bought it for myself, and I’m going to buy extras as presents for the horse people in my life.” – Blog of Becky

From Facebook:

“I recently read it. It is laid out simply and is really well organized. I liked how you are told what to expect at every step of the competition. I can see how someone new could carry it around for the first year as their go-to reference. The writing style is real- not George Morris style at all!”- NATRC page (link)

“I love the humor in it. When I first started doing distance riding, I bought the two gold-standard books (Go the Distance was one) and they were rather intimidating books. I was afraid I was going to kill my horse, from the way the books talked. Didn’t realize that much of the advice dispensed was for people going much farther and faster than I was planning to go. Aarene’s book is very encouraging and makes it clear that mistakes will probably happen, but it’s a learning experience and you CAN do it.” NATRC page (link)


“So blessed to have found this book before jumping into the sport. Such an informative, educational and entertaining book. A must read for all new comers to the sport of endurance riding!”

“What I love about this book is the humor and great information for new endurance riders. This book gives you a great insight into what you can expect at your first ride and gives excellent advice on how to ride your own ride. From tack choices to what to wear, this book covers every aspect of the endurance world. I recommend this book to anyone with interest in the sport!”

“I loved the book. It is straightforward and for any beginning endurance rider it is a wealth of information. I love the “Bad Idea Fairy” because if you ride long enough, all of us have experienced a bad idea or two. For riders with experience, it is still a great book because as we ride we have to keep on learning to be able to keep ourselves and our horses sound. I think all beginning riders should start with this book!”

    Though it’s been many years since I did any long distance riding, I recognize the valuable info packed into this book. And much of it can be useful to the non-rider, as well, such as the family-member-turned support crew, or the ride camp volunteer.

    But what makes this book fun is the author’s relaxed way of conveying a LOT of clear info and advice. Plus regular visits from the Bad Idea Fairy (and her super speschul Purploosa) provide hilarious counterpoint to show what NOT to do!

    Worth it’s weight in electrolytes!”

    “Downloaded the Kindle version of this because I was interested in endurance riding but also because I was really
    Interested in longer trail rides and overnight camping trips with my horse. Much of the information is helpful for camping as well! Really great read and really great attitude that the author has towards her sport. With so much abuse of horses in so many disciplines nice to get a glimpse into a sport that’s really gotten it right with regards to its equine participants and puts the horse’s welfare above all else, including winning.”

    “The author covers all the nuts and bolts of what a new rider needs to know to get started with AERC rides, plus a bit more. The humor and personal stories are very entertaining making it a very quick and enjoyable read. There are tons of resources listed at the end. This book is both practical and entertaining. The photos do not show up well on my small Kindle so I wish I could have purchased it as a soft cover book.”


    “This is a great book, makes no difference if you have had horses for a lifetime (me) or a short while, there is something to be learned from this book, and while it is a ‘Bible’ to endurance riders, first timers like myself, it is valuable to other disciplines as well, even just a weekend trail rider. It is funny, informative and just a great read, can’t put it down once you start and a definite ‘must have’ book.”

    “So happy to see books like this published! great book!”